Where else can you find my products?

Where else can you find my products?

In the last 2 weeks I sold a nightstand set and a dresser.  I offer two resources where I sell my products.  One place is The Artisan Markets Furniture and the other place is through Shopify. Through The Artisan Markets Furniture, I am able to sell on Facebook Marketplace as well as local community sell sights.   This allows for a broader audience.   That said, some items may get sold more quickly.  However you choose to shop, you can find me in these locations.  If you are not located near me and delivery is not an option, I can ship the product to you for an additional cost. 
Click the link below.

On a separate note, I am still working on my storage wall in my garage.  Lots of taping and sanding.  Just a big mess.  But at the end of the day, it will be organized. I will show pictures when completed.  
I started on a new large MCM 2-tired end table.  I sanded down to the raw wood and re-stained.  Hoping it will be ready this week. The wood grain is so pretty, nice smooth finish. Watch for it this week.


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