Ready? Begin now!

Ready? Begin now!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mary Cain. I am a furniture artisan with a focus on refurbishing old, and at times, in need of TLC, to renew and make reusable again. I started this journey four years ago while spending many years looking for a hobby that would be sustainable for me. I was intrigued while viewing social media reels and post on Fb and Instagram. And so it began....

I am a wife, married to Tom for 41 years, a mother to three beautiful adult women and grandmother to four beautiful children. I work full-time in a technical role and planning on retiring in a year to pursue refurbishing furniture full time. I was raised in a large family, 5 brothers and 3 sisters and 2 parents who were amazing parents. My father worked multiple jobs to support his family and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. My dad, was a natural handyman. What I mean by that, he could look at anything and solution it. Remodel include renovating our attic into one massive bedroom for my 5 brothers. Repairing cars, toilet and helping other family members with their home repair needs. Later in life he began building furniture for his grandchildren and toys as well. I had a great role model. He would help me with my own home projects.

Prior to refurbishing furniture, I remodeled my home, not major, but cosmetically. I tested my abilities by learning how to install ceramic tile and vinyl flooring and hanging wallpaper. With pretty much all the work I have done in my house, I believe that refurbishing furniture is just an extension of the above referenced work, thereby a sustainable hobby.

I joined a furniture artisan group called The Artisan Markets Furniture where my furniture is available for purchase. This site is a one-stop-shop space for other artisans to sell their furniture. No 2 pieces are the alike and each artisan has their own take on stylizing their pieces. What differentiates their pieces from the big box furniture stores are the artisan custom style, "back in the day" solid wood furniture, reconfigured pieces and consumer driven customized furniture pieces. Products can be shipped, local delivery or pickup are available. Check out

Currently I am on hiatus with my furniture renovation due to my recent back surgery, but hoping to be back in September 2023. When I get back, I would love for you to follow my work at 

Thank you!





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