Getting back into it!

I started this week on my furniture refurbishing. This week, my dr lifted my restrictions for my back. I still have to take care of my back and adjust positions so not to irritate it. After all, it's been 6 weeks since the surgery and it will take time for my back to heal. So I have to adjust how to set up my furniture so that I can comfortably do what I love to do.  

Recently I purchased a hydraulic lift table from #HarborFreight. I haven't set it up yet but I think this will help me with my work. It's heavy, so I need my husband to set it up for me. Looking forward to using it soon.

This week I worked on 2 projects. One of them is a dresser I worked on 2 years ago and the drawer knobs gave me a lot of of grief. I was going to redo it and donate, but after I put the colors together and with different drawer pulls, I felt like I should sell it. This should be ready by end of August as I am waiting for the hardware. Hoping to find a Nighstand to go with it.

 The second project is finding a nightstand to be paired with another nightstand. I found the perfect partner. The photo on the bottom is the new nightstand. Both of these are really nice quality and I am using #GeneralFinishesmilkpaint. This paint is really nice. I am expecting this piece to be available soon.

I have another dresser (9-drawers) that I am hoping to have ready soon as well. Then I need to start prepping for the winter months which includes getting all of my sanding and any fixes done so I can work on them in my home.  

So there you have it.... getting back into refurbishing furniture, but remember to take care of my back at the same time. 

Hope you like what you see and subscribe to see more post and available pieces ready for purchase.


Mary @MkcDesign

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